Advertising/Communication Opportunity

Purpose Of The E-Magazine
To excite Indian businesses, SMEs, executives and students about the immense business opportunity in not only adopting Sustainability as Strategy in their companies but also inspire them to the possibilities of a big market for innovative sustainability products and services.

To Raise The Momentum Of Conversion/Transformation Of Organizations And Individuals To Sustainability Practices In India. India’s sustainability journey has to be different from that of the West. India has to quickly come up with its own innovative strategies that ensure that people’s living standards go up with minimal impact of the eco-system. This can happen with a focused movement which SustainabilityNext aspires to support.

ManagementNext Media & Publications, the publisher of the monthly e-magazine SustainabilityNext, is putting together a portal which could function as a platform for exchange of ideas and technologies. It will list sustainability products and services. It will be in beta for six months.

Business leaders, Entrepreneurs, Executives and Students using e-mailer and social media. Plan to send out five lakh mailers from the start each month and convert them to registered readers over a period of time.
Marketing the e-magazine through social media and mobile app stores.

Apps On IPad & Android
SustainabilityNext will be available as an app on iPad and Android Tablets and Phones. They will be sold on premium digital magazine stores such as &

Congratulations on the successful take-off and launch of SustainabilityNext. I found the contents fresh and contextually interesting.Here’s wishing you and the magazine a fulfilling, long journey ahead. – P.S.Narayan, Vice President and Head – Sustainability, Wipro.

Dear Benedict – The inaugural issue looks great – Stuart Hart – co-author with late Prof. C K Prahalad and Founder – Sustainability Institute, Bangalore

SustainabiityNext will work closely with Indian Institute of Sustainable Enterprise, Bangalore, India’s first such institute founded by world’s foremost sustainability guru, Prof. Stuart Hart two years ago. The institute plans to train hundreds of entrepreneurs in sustainability products every year.

Ad Tariff Rate Card
SustainabilityNext offers one of the most effective avenues for organizations and brands that want to pioneer and support the sustainability movement in India. Also, it is for brands that are active today and want to enhance their brand value among potential businesses.

It is important today for brands to connect with students since they are the future workforce. The e-mag will reach thousands of students across India.

One Year Sponsorship Rs.15 lakh
Six month sponsorship Rs.10 lakh
Three month sponsorship Rs.5 lakh
One issue sponsorship Rs.1.5 lakh
Back Page ad per issue Rs.75,000
Inside Front/back cover/page 3 Rs.50,000
Inside pages Rs.25,000
Banner ad next to logo on portal for one month and on newsletter Rs. 50,000
Bottom strip banner ad on portal for one month and on newsletter Rs.40,000
Front page side banners on home page Rs.25,000
Strip Ads inside e-magazine Rs.15,000/-

Advertorial In E-Magazine

One page Rs. 25,000
Two pages Rs.40,000

Discounts For Ads And Banners

3 issues 10 percent
6 issues 15 percent
One year 20 percent

Special Sector Focus Sponsorship

Every issue of SustainabilityIndia will have a special focus section which is open to sponsorship and communication through advertisement and branded content

Sponsorship Rs. 1.25 lakh

Branding on front cover page

Sponsor logo and message at the beginning of the special section
One page ad/advertorial.
Mention in the content page of the main issue
Ad Rates Inside The Sector Focus Are The Same As That Of The Full Issue.


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Welcome To The NEW World Of E-Magazines

E-magazine reading experience is just like reading a print magazine on a Tablet PC or a PC.

Print magazines are becoming passé. Online magazines are clumsy. E-magazine is the future of reading pleasure. So, the New Medium for Advertisers are Tablets and Phablets.

Advantages Of E-Magazine Vs. Print

  • Greater Reach
  • Environment friendly
  • Make ads interactive through links
  • Longer shelf life
  • Easier reference to archives
  • Tablets and Phablets are more convenient reading devices – can be read while travelling at night.


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