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  • How Methanol Can Transform India

    Niti Ayog is finally serious about Methanol to fuel India’s transport sector which can double farm income and make Indian air cleaner. This can be achieved only if it is taken up on a mission mode. The powerful oil and ... // Read More

  • World as One Big Power Grid vs. Million Microgrids

    At the recently concluded World Economic Forum 2018 – Strategic Outlook – Energy Systems dialogue, Piyush Goyal, India’s Minister of Railways and Coal, Ministry of Railways and Coal, articulated his grand vision of the world having one power grid. “If ... // Read More

  • Less Water, More Beer

    The maker of the India’s popular Kingfisher beer has brought down the water it needs to brew a liter of beer from nearly 7 liters ten years ago to only 3.5 liters today.  “Globally, water consumption for making beer is ... // Read More

  • Nimisha Gupta & Raja Jain Win Schneider Electric’s Global Student Award

    Nimisha Gupta recount their whirlwind and memorable stream of events through 2017, as she and her partner, Raja Jain won the global competition. While cursorily screening our College’s digital Notice Board on one of the days, I saw a colorful notice ... // Read More


    This annual publication has been the reading habit for those who care about the country’s environment and development discourse, ever since the first annual issue came out in 2014. It has 50 pages more coverage than the 2017 annual issue. ... // Read More