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  • Free Outdoor Air Purifier

    Amol Chaphekar’s Pune-based Strata Enviro may have the answer for polluted Indian towns and cities. Three hundred of his outdoor air purifier devices have been successfully tested in schools, hospitals and toll booths in Maharashtra and Delhi. They are now ... // Read More

  • 2018 State of India’s Environment

    Why you need to this India’s only data-driven state of environment annual report comes from CSE-DTE backed by over 30 years of reportage and research experience. The e-book has turned enormous amount of data into insights and communicative data sets It ... // Read More

  • Healthcare Cannot Be Fixed by Big Hospitals

    India’s public healthcare sector has been in a self-created crisis for far too long. And if new governmental regulations are any indication, it is likely to get worse. That has not stopped a few intrepid doctor-entrepreneurs from imagining and transforming ... // Read More

  • Insurance Firms Invest Only 0.5% Assets on Low Carbon Investments

    Got it covered? Insurance in a changing climate, a new report by the Asset Owners Disclosure Project (AODP) is scathing in its remarks about the insurance industry’s commitment to climate change. Because of this, UN’s Paris Agreement goals are unlikely ... // Read More

  • Why 80% of Government Transformations Fail

    That most citizens have little faith in how governments deliver services is no secret but it’s shocking to know that that percentage is 80%. A recent McKinsey Center for Government report is based on a survey of nearly 3,000 public ... // Read More