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  • Budweiser Maker Sets up Accelerator for 100 Green Start-ups

    Anheuser-Busch InBev is the world’s largest brewer and one of the leading beer companies in India has announced an ambitious accelerator program for start-ups who are solving global environmental and ecological issues. AB InBev commenced its operations in India in ... // Read More

  • Zero Budget Natural Farming Needs Policy Push

    Zero Budget Natural Farming (ZBNF) is a farming technique with zero chemicals. The produce and quality is much better. This technique is spreading at good pace. Spearheaded by Subhash Palekar, this is one of India’s largest voluntary farmer movements in ... // Read More

  • Happy Seeder Machines Can End Crop Stubble Burning

    Grameen Yuvti Vikash Mandal (GYVM) a Haryana based NGO, Ecociate Consultants and Communique Marketing Solutions are working with farmers in Pundri Block of Kaithal, Haryana to bring changes in practice of crop stubble burning. An effort has been made last ... // Read More

  • Dell Uses Ink Made From Diesel Soot

    Every innovative product needs a big business to believe in. That’s what Dell did when its manufacturing unit at Chennai started using the diesel ink, made from soot collected from diesel generators, for packaging and printing. Delhi-based Chakr Innovation, founded ... // Read More

  • Ricky Kej Releases My Earth Songs for Kids

    Ricky Kej, Grammy Award winner, is on a relentless musical adventure across the world trying to bring environmental consciousness so that the world could transform into a better, greener place for all. His latest venture is called My Earth Songs. ... // Read More