Smart Cities Landscapes 2015
September 10-11, 2015, New Delhi, India

TCEE 2015 – Complete Event for Electroplating Industry
11-12 August,2015 , ITC, Chennai

Advanced Training Programme on IGBC’s Green Building Rating Systems
16-17 July 2015, Kolkata

Redefining Supply Chain in the light of GST
07-08 July 2015, Palladium, Mumbai

“Creating an Uncontested Market Space” using Blue Ocean Strategy
9 July 2015,1500 – 1700 hrs
Live Webcast from CII India Habitat Centre, New Delhi

23 -24 July 2015, Hotel the Grand, New Delhi

Online Session on CSR “ Concept of Social Enterprise – Its Relevance and Impact on CSR”
9 July,2015

Workshop on Indirect Taxes with Specific Relevance to GST
26 June 2015, Chennai
24 July 2015, Gurgaon

Conference on Advanced Manufacturing Technologies for Engineering Sector
Theme: “Make in India – Rise with Technology, Enhance your competitiveness”
26 June 2015, Hotel ITC Grand Chola, Chennai

Best Practices on Renewable Energy Generation
Industrial Visit to Schneider Electric and Tata Power Solar
12 June 2015, CII Office, Indiranagar

3rd International Conference and Exhibition on Energy Storage and Microgrids in India
08-09 December, 2015
Pre-conference workshop on 07 December, 2015 at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi