Resilience, Adaption, Sustainability

What do we now mean by ‘future progress’?

Resilience, Adaption, Sustainability

By Robert Riddell, Robert Riddell, October, 2014

Around 1970 the planet and our occupation of it was pretty much a situation of balance; the biospheric absorptive and recycling capacity coping with resource uptake and waste discard. Since then a doubled human mass and carbon gas overload has spawned the greenhouse effect that has activated ice fi eld melt, savannah extension, rainforest depletion, waste accumulation and species extinction.

Resilience is a prevent-and-adapt advisory. It evokes limits for the growth-on-growth ideology and print money process. It provokes a births-deaths equilibrium, reduced fossil carbon consumption, rainforest restoration and waste recycling. It is about future-proofi ng the next generation.

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