B&B Connect Launches The Smart Box for Brands, Creators and Influencers


B&B Connect which is a part of The B&B Mag has curated a very interesting Smart Box Package for the Creators and the audience in general who have their own niche in promoting the brands in a certain manner. B&B Connect’s Smart Box is designed to provide the best possible results while making an impact within a short time period.

There are many effective ways to have the brand’s products sampled and promoted. This is possibly the best way of getting your products in front of people who may be interested in buying them.

A fully-customizable box optimised for Influencers and general audience. The new Smart Box is perfect for brands looking to target a specific type of influencer or creator, especially in the Beauty & the FMCG space.

B&B Connect’s Smart Box is an influencer marketing tool that will work in a way where people have to subscribe to the Smart Box on a monthly level at a minimum subscription rate of Rs. 799. The Smart box will comprise brands from the categories of FMCG, Beauty or wellness beat.

Swati Jain, Co-founder, B&B Connect

B&B Connect’s Smart Box is the brain child of Ms. Swati Jain, who is also the Co-founder of B&B Connect & B&B Mag. She and her team curated this to bridge the idea between brands and actual users for long term product use.

Sampling through the B&B Connect’s Smart Box will involve the use of an online app to take consumers through the funnel, rather than in-person or indirect sampling techniques. Sampling can provide consumers with a free product in order to generate interest and awareness as sampling would,” says Swati Jain, Co-founder, B&B Connect.

Swati Jain, Co-founder, B&B Connect further adds, “Using your product for sampling will benefit you greatly. It can be an extremely effective marketing tool, as it allows brands to reach a large number of potential customers in a relatively short amount of time, with a straightforward and hassle-free set up.

B&B Connect’s Smart Box is a personalized delivery service, which will allow the user to experience the products in a way never seen till date. Benefits are limitless and it’ll serve as a boost to your brand awareness as well as sales opportunity. It also enhances customer loyalty by offering special discounts and other benefits on a chosen platform or through the mobile app.

About the B&B Connect App
With the surge in the number of brands yearning to collaborate with influencers, it’s becoming more important to have ”something” that can make the job of both Brands and Bloggers/Influencers easy. Thus, that something is B&B Connect; an application where influencers and brands can find a common ground to connect and collaborate with each other. It is a unique application where the influencers can apply for as many campaigns of their choice, wherein at least 50 brand campaigns are always live for them to apply.

Download B&B Connect onelink.to/4zsmer.

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