‘Consumed By Obsession’ by Sunira S. – Edited and Published by Nirja Sharma


Consumed By Obsession” was launched at bookstores and online platforms in paperback and Kindle versions by Nirja Sharma. The story revolves around two broken souls who cross paths only because they look to fill the voids in their hearts – a story of two people so different yet so alike – the one thing that unites them is obsession and their festering wounds. A gut-wrenching story of love, betrayal, grief, and obsessions!

Nirja Sharma, CEO – Aarahan Publishers

Consumed By Obsession‘ is the story of a grieving widower, Raj, who is convinced his wifes grisly death is not an accident. Raj becomes obsessed and seeks vengeance from Shruti, a stranger he holds responsible for his wife’s death.

The novel is targeted at Contemporary Fiction, Romance, Mystery, and Thriller readers who enjoy psychological dramas, and feel-good emotional stories with strong but flawed protagonists.

The novel is the story of the tumultuous journey of two damaged souls inextricably linked by the only constants in their life – tragedy, loss, betrayal, unconscionable guilt, and their obsessions,” Nirja Sharma said when we spoke to her.

It is a psychological drama, a baring-of-the-soul story full of emotions that is sure to sweep the reader away,” Nirja Sharma told us.

Speaking at the launch the Author said, “I listened to each beat of my heart and spoke to it. My conversations with it guided me on an exciting journey. After sitting on the manuscript for years and several revisions, edits and rewrites, I believe I have a novel I can share with the world. Love, grief, betrayal, longing, obsession – simple adjectives to a lay reader, but elements of a web of emotions for the characters of the novel carry the weight of my story,” she added.

The novel is available in paperback and kindle format on Amazon. Paperback cost: Rs. 250/-; Kindle cost: Rs. 199/-; Kindle Unlimited: Free.

About the Author

An individual full of contradictions can only hope that life in words will pave a way for a harmonious yet challenging life. The author is an editor and a writer and, above all, a human overwhelmed with inhumanity. The conflicting emotions raging in her have made her who she is today – overly sensitive and anxiety-driven. The author began writing because words are her best friends. She fell in love with the written word as a child and partnered with it as an adult.

The author writes about the world as she sees it mainly because most others dont see it the way she does. She writes about life, about the lessons life has taught her, about things that trouble her, pain her, and inspire her, in the hope that many more like her will find in her words some solace and comfort, just as she has found in the words of others like her.

The author can be found ranting and raving on social media every day and like the protagonists in her novel, she is an obsessed creature. The book is available on Amazon.in and Kindle Store

For further information, please log on to: www.aarahanpublishers.com.

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