Muhurats are a Thing of Yesteryear – Couples Embrace Non-mahurat Dates – Find out why


In India it is common practice to determine an auspicious or favourable time to get married, also known as ‘Muhurat‘ or ‘saya‘. Muhurat dates spike demand for wedding venues during the specific date and time, with families making bookings nearly one year in advance to ensure that they get the venue of their liking. However, a recent data from shows that the trend is seeing a shift and weddings are now extending beyond Muhurat dates.

For new-age couples, muhurats’ are no longer sacrosanct – getting the best bargain has taken precedence. In 2022, 57% of wedding venue bookings during busy season of November & December were for non-muhurat dates. This is a 1.7X jump from pre-COVID levels of 2019 where only 34% of weddings were booked for non-muhurat dates. Most bookings for weddings during non-muhurat dates came from Pune, Jaipur, Delhi NCR, Nagpur & Mumbai. Over the years, there has been a gradual increase in wedding venue bookings for non-muhurat dates with 46% in 2020 & 50% in 2021.

Speaking about this trend, Aditya Sharma, Head, said, “Post pandemic the approach to weddings has changed considerably with couples taking charge and personalizing their big day, in their own special way. There is also a shift in power dynamic as decision making now rests in the hands of the couple. The younger lot, as we have seen breaks many common practices and norms and bookings during only specific muhurat dates is one of them. Wedding during non-muhurat days are also a cost effective by nearly ~20% lesser prices for venues and services then.”

Weddings in India are estimated to be a $50 billion industry. According to industry reports over ~32 lakh weddings were solemnized between November-December 2022. is one of India’s largest one-stop-shop platforms with over 35K banquet/venue listings and other related ancillary services. Customers can choose from a host of venues and other services on the platform and can seek help from our dedicated venue managers who can help them curate the event, to their liking, all within their budget. While lists venues and related services for free, it offers regular revenue and demand for their patrons.

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