Relia Advisory Services will Now be Known as Inojo Interim Management


Relia Advisory Services today announces that from now onwards it will be known as Inojo Interim Management.

Vineet Relia, Chief Interim Officer, Inojo Interim Management LLP

In 2019 Vineet Relia observed that there were no Interim Management firms in the country. There were no organisations ready, able, and willing to embrace crisis management on behalf of CXOs at companies and businesses. Mr. Relia’s immediate instinct was to create an entity to fill this vacuum.

Initially, the company was called Relia Management Services. Since Mr. Relia was personally driving the entire initiative, including sales, operations, and various other executive roles. It was only natural to name the company after him.

The company was fortunate to get a very good start with an assignment from one of the largest Japanese conglomerates operating in India and Hero Corporate Services, for Hero Homes. Since then, the practice has had a double-digit number of clients in its portfolio.

Announcement: Relia Advisory Services will now be known as Inojo Interim Management

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The business is now at an inflection point and ready to be scaled up. This can be achieved by bringing new partners into the firm. Individuals who will bring in domain expertise in areas we have not catered to earlier. Thus, enabling us to reach out to a wider client base.

In light of its growth and other changes, it was decided to change the business’ name to Inojo. It is a combination of Innovate and Dojo. Innovate as in adapting to every situation; thinking out of the box and understanding one size doesn’t fit all. Dojo embodied our focus and commitment to execution.


About Inojo Interim Management

Inojo offers specialised professionals on short-term and long-term assignments. They are armed with the right set of exposures, skill sets, and perceptions to guide your management to respond to every challenge, faster, more efficiently, and effectively.

In a changing and potentially challenging environment, Inojo has professionals with expertise for every situation that helps them make informed decisions and respond effectively.

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