Resolute Announces its Modern Workplace Wellbeing Offering, ‘Resolute for Workplace’


Resolute, an integrated digital health and wellbeing platform launches its “Resolute for Workplace” platform to improve health, wellbeing, and performance in workplaces. The workplace platform offers premium virtual care, precision wellness journeys, and bespoke programs through its omnichannel delivery system. It will further focus on providing hyper-personalised wellness journeys through its ‘Whole Person, Whole organisation’ approach.

Resolute for Workplace Platform

Resolute core propositions include:

Hyper-personalised wellness journeys: Better engagement & outcomes.

Every individual has a unique journey toward health and well-being because their needs and goals are unique. It also depends on pain points, motivation level, life stage, values, and personality. Hence health and wellbeing journeys are hyper-personalised to the individual level using multi-modal bio-data, AI, and evidence-based algorithms with the help of health experts in the loop.

Whole Person, Whole Organisation approach: To unlock health potential as individuals and teams.

There are levers we can pull for health besides a drug prescription, diagnostics test, and doctor visit. Resolute approach includes optimising the pillars of health that define an individual’s health baseline. Resolute focus on better health levers such as nutrition levels, sleep, and recovery, movement, & mindset, along with pre-emptive follow-ups, continuous health monitoring, etc.

Full spectrum platform: Integrated health, well-being, and performance.

Human health is dynamic. Resolute is the first integrated platform that delivers virtual primary care, precision wellness, and digital therapeutics which support both well-being and care loops simultaneously in one place. It combines self-care journeys, assessments, diagnostics, consultations, and health coaching, all in one single platform.

Omnichannel delivery: Accessing health anywhere, anytime.

Resolute delivers health, well-being, and performance journeys through different channels depending on the preference and workflow that suits the organisation, and its workforce. The omnichannel delivery system includes a Mobile app, WhatsApp, MS Teams & Slack plugins, & In Real Life settings.

Science and evidence-driven: Recommendations and interventions backed by data.

Resolute has digitised protocols which are based on cutting-edge science and evidence. Resolute science and clinical team include clinicians, pharmacists, biochemists, sports scientists, therapists, and other practitioners leading the research base and design protocols from data and analytics tools.

Be-Spoke offerings: Tuned for organisational needs.

Resolute offerings are highly customised based on the organisational needs, goals, and the type of workplace setup. Post diagnosis phase, Resolute experts will design the most appropriate solution for the workplace which will produce the intended well-being and performance outcomes that are long-lasting.

Problems affecting the Modern workplace:

Health is influenced by, physical mental, social, environmental, and spiritual factors around an individual. With a goal to improve workplaces, where employees are productive, engaged, and supported, Resolute surveyed the current status of problems affecting modern workplaces. The survey revealed the complex interplay between employees health and performance that is deeper than it ever was. Moreover, the survey emphasizes better and outcome-oriented workplace wellness measures as the existing approaches are stuck in the past.

Resolute Workplace Insights

Speaking on the same, Mr. Srinivasa Vivek, Co-founder, of Resolute, said,Workplace wellbeing is broken, disconnected, and often an overlooked element. Resolute will aim to solve the most pressing problems faced by employees and organisations today which affect their performance and productivity.

He further adds, “Improving life at work is not impossible. It just needs conscious and concerted efforts and the Resolute at Workplace edition will focus on the same. We will help organisations view their employees through the lens of a whole person and not just as their workforce. To achieve this objective, we will ensure seamless integration into day-to-day workflows and systems for supporting performance and health. We anticipate an 85% increase in utilising wellbeing benefits, 40-50% improvement in well-being engagement, and an 80% increase in outcomes due to personalisation in our pilot accounts.”

Resolute will offer its services in different formats. For employees, it will provide annual health intelligence, health concierge, remote health monitoring, at-home diagnostics, precision wellness stacks, and wellness journeys, helping build routines and habits. For teams, it will offer team analytics along with challenges and engagement. Furthermore, at the organisational level, it will provide state-of-health analytics. Additionally, Resolute will offer real-life wellness experiences such as meditation bars, mobility stations, gratitude trees, the art of breath clinics, and envision vision workouts.

About Resolute

Resolute is an integrated digital health & wellness service offering precision wellness, continuous virtual care, and digital therapeutics for families, corporates, and payers. Resolute offers hyper-personalised health and wellness journeys that are intuitive, always on, holistic, and outcome-focused through the “Whole of Me” approach. Resolute.

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