Sky Canvas Turns into Your Most Favourite Pulse Candies


Kites always fly high and rule over the sky and so is the penchant of an Indian brand that has enthralled its audience, winning hearts and minds of people, consistently for 6 years with its irresistibly tangy taste. The brand that surpassed benchmarks – Pass Pass Pulse.

Pulse of the sky

For Indians, the Kite Festival or Uttarayan is an emotion! Emotion of irresistibility and unity that makes us witness colours of joy ascend and congregate in the sky. In the same stride, Pulse is loved by all for to its unique taste and chatkaara. This Uttarayan Pulse gives a tangy twist to the festival of kites.

For Makar Sankranti, kites are the ‘Pulse of the Sky‘, giving wings to the aspirations of the people and inspiring the less fortunate ones to unleash their inner potential. The Number 1 largest selling candy of India, Pass Pass Pulse gears up to paint the sky with the hues of hope, love, and unity. This Uttarayan, tanginess is here to fly high with #PulseOfTheSky. Pulse is all set for a record breaking attempt to fly 1200 kites together at the Sardar Sarovar Dam near Statue of Unity, Gujarat.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Arvind Kumar, GM Marketing, Dharampal Satyapal Foods Ltd. said, “Uttarayan is the festival that symbolises newness- new possibilities and opportunities. It is an occasion which, with its tantalising nature betokens people to unite and celebrate. Pulse too is a metaphor for these emotions – igniting the irresistibility quotient amongst its audience.”

In addition to this, the brand aims at distributing kites and providing experience to underprivileged kids who dream big. An exclusive interaction of these kids with the renowned RJs from Radio Mirchi has also been planned to inspire them to believe in themselves and their goals.

With #PulseOfTheSky, Pulse is here to inspire a billion hearts to soar higher and dream bigger!

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