About Us

For most Indian businesses, executives and students, ‘SUSTAINABILITY’ is still a buzz word. Like all buzz words, it means different things to different people although there’s consensus that it has something to do with Green.

That’s a good starting point. The purpose of SustainabilityNext E-magazine is to educate, inspire and provoke all stakeholders to rise to the urgent need to move swiftly from AGENDA to ACTION.

Today, Sustainability is largely top down involving consultants and a few senior executives in large organizations. The Sustainability movement will get energized only when it is bottom up – when millions of SMEs, Students and Teachers are part of it.

SustainabilityNext hopes to ignite the spark among its readers to engage proactively in dialogue with their firms, organizations, corporates and policymakers. Unlike debates, healthy dialogue leads to the creation of strong communities and networks. This way, the chances of India raising the bar on its Sustainability Quotient could be high.

The purpose of the Sustainabilitynext.in portal and App is to offer a simple platform for entrepreneurs, professionals and students to share knowledge and experience. Sharing, not hoarding has the power to transform.

Peer-To-Peer Content

SustainabilityNext aspires to provide Relevant, Useful and Rich content from practitioners and thought leaders. This is possible by building a platform for and by the community which believes in sharing of learnings, experiences and challenges.

The e-magazine was founded by Benedict Paramanand in February 2013.

We have so far built an engaged community of nearly 30,000 executives, faculty and entrepreneurs, and thousands of engineering and business school students.

Our aim is to reach one million readers by 2020.

Look forward to plenty of support – financial and non-financial.