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Hundreds of organizations and institutions, big, medium and small, have interesting and inspiring stories to share about their social, community and business impact but there are very few platforms they can go to. 

In the last ten years SustainabilityNext (SN) has evolved into a unique branding platform for businesses and Institutions. It can co-create campaigns for targeting different audiences – entrepreneurs, executives, students with rich content. It offers its multiple social media handles and our own and partners’ network for sharper targeting.

While we do our best, by working with us, organizations and institutions will be supporting our mission to mainstream sustainability and green literature across the country. 

India needs to quickly move from environmental awareness to environmental action. This can happen through richer and meaningful conversations among communities, interest groups, policy makers, students, entrepreneurs, teachers and business leaders. 

Brands have an option to use SN Web magazine, Newsletter, SN Youth pages and Green Literature Festival to amplify their messaging effectively.

About SN

SustainabilityNext (SN) is a ten-year old, India’s most widely read web magazine that focuses on the Business, Education and Tech of Sustainability. It has been a monthly magazine so far. We are planning to make it a fortnightly magazine from August 2023 with live news updates very soon.

The magazine and all its initiatives strive to inculcate ‘Sustainability – Green Thinking’ among entrepreneurs, executives, teachers and graduate students. 

SN’s content is actionable, crisp, jargon-free, accessible with sufficient links for further reading. It focuses on people stories, case studies and interviews with leaders from various domains. 

All our platforms provide easy access to latest books connected with Sustainability, Environment and Climate Action through reviews, interviews with authors and through festivals.

Green Literature Festival

SN launched India’s first Green Literature Festival – – in June 2021. The objective is to mainstream green literature and build a platform for meaningful conversation between authors, readers, publishers, teachers and librarians. 

Since its launch, we have hosted more than 50 authors, directly engaged with more than 2,000 readers and indirectly influenced more than 30,000 readers through social media engagements.

Average Readership

The SN newsletter is mailed to our database of more than 30,000, and to the database of our network partners, which include alumni of business schools, subscribers of corporate libraries, book clubs, among others, frequently.

The average reach, including social media platforms, per edition each month is more than 50,000.


SN and GLF work with India’s leading partners to amplify its mission. Our Partners include

Advertisement Rates on SN Fortnightly & Newsletter from August 2023

Options (For Desktop and Mobile Banners)Dimensions in PixelsRate in Rupees (for 15 days)
Top Banner1000 x 15030,000
Medium Rectangle275 x 35015,000
Small Rectangle275 x 20010,000

All Rates are exclusive of GST.


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