Why Support SustainabilityNext

India is at the start of a sustainability revolution. It will need an army of well-informed, articulate, participative and motivated entrepreneurs, executives, policy makers, academia and consumers to create a definitive momentum. It needs all stakeholders to believe that sustainability has significant financial rewards in the medium to long run.

There is buzz today of green products, green energy, sustainable ecology. But buzz is not enough to transform India into a force. It needs a responsible and dynamic media to play the role of a catalyst.

Started in March 2013, SustainabilityNext is India’s unique platform for green stories, green business, green jobs and for active engagement of the sustainability community.

It also strongly advocates the power of responsible business in mitigating ecological challenges, social and environmental justice while focussing on creating wealth.

SN promotes the belief that India can achieve a fine balance between growth and development and that business has an important role to play in it.

It also promotes the belief that India has the capability to reverse its ecological footprint to 1970 levels by 2030 through imaginative policies and committed governance structures.

The SN team has published more than 60 issues of the monthly e-magazine with varying readership between 25,000 and 50,000 for each issue.

Efforts are on to take the readership to 100,000 by 2021 and a million by 2023.

SN has a small team but works through a collaborative and partnership model with leading players in the ecosystem.

It aspires to have a good blend of original, peer-to-peer and curated content that is meant to educate, enlighten, inspire and transform entrepreneurs, executives and graduate students with the hope that they go on to make a positive impact.

Future focus – Promote collaboration for solutions

Despite many strides, India’s efforts in effective and lasting problem-solving through innovative products and solutions are hampered by a weak collaborative ecosystem. This is despite the existence of several institutions that enjoy global reputation for their work.

SN plans to engage with leaders in the field to promote collaboration through multi-disciplinary workshops, roundtables, conclaves and literature festivals.

Editorial Board

SN currently has three eminent people in its editorial board.

Pradeep Kashyap – Founder & CEO, MART
Madan Padaki CEO – Head Held High
Vasanthi Srinivasan – Faculty IIM Bangalore
Meera Venkat


SN thanks Kris Gopalakrishnan and S D Shibulal, cofounders of Infosys Ltd, for supporting this initiative through generous grant funding.

SN is a for-profit social enterprise. Since it runs a knowledge/education/media platform, it will continue to depend on grant funding and corporate sponsorships while efforts are on to raise revenue through other non-subscription based activities.

It has so far organized four conclaves in collaboration with IIM Bangalore. More are planned.

What’s in it for Corporate Sponsors?

a. High visibility as a responsible business which helps the brand and attracts more engaged talent
b. Space in the magazine for articles by its leaders
c. Advertorial at discounted rates in special sectoral reports/issues
d. Free consulting on how to maximize branding from sustainability outcomes
e. Listing of logos and names of corporate sponsors and individual sponsors on

Why Foundations/Trusts Should Support

Foundations are well placed to support advocacy-driven media-education social entrepreneurship.

Come, let’s make India an ecologically richer and a humane nation!

If India does not act fast and allows business-as-usual approach for even five more years it could lose its immense advantages that come with starting on a low consumption and low infrastructure base.

Support Green Journalism


SustainabilityNext crossed its 100th Edition in October 2022. Since April 2013, every month, SN has been publishing action-oriented green entrepreneurial stories, sharp interviews with change leaders and incisive book reviews. We wish to make it a fortnightly shortly.

SN Youth, launched in June 2021, is turning into a platform for the youth to share their green journey and inspire others.  

SN launched India’s first Green Literature Festival in July 2021 to celebrate and grow environmental writing and reading among the youth, executives and entrepreneurs.

You will agree that only awareness is not enough. The world today needs action NOW to save itself. Support our efforts to drive climate action by reaching a million readers by December 2023.


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Benedict Paramanand
Founder and Editor