Sponsorship Opportunities

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Hundreds of organizations and institutions, big, medium and small, have interesting and inspiring stories to share about their social, community and business impact but there are very few platforms they can go to do that. The magazine offers an excellent sponsorship opportunity with a discerning audience. 

SustainabilityNext e-magazine is free for its readers hence it needs generous sponsorships.

Sponsorship helps us to reach a larger readership base, pay writers well for generating excellent content. 

What’s in it for Sponsors?

  • SN has a good mix of senior, mid-level and younger readers.
  • It’s proven that organizations that are seen as supporting advocacy media enhances their social branding.
  • SN offers premium space for leaders of sponsors to share their insights and learnings.
  • Well-researched and well-written Advertorial offers opportunity for companies to broadcast their initiatives and their achievements more engagingly.
  • Sponsors can use SN as their partner for their messaging/campaigns.
  • Apart from all the collaterals on the website, sponsors get prominent space on newsletters.

Sponsorship Rates (Fortnightly)

Title Sponsor – Website + Newsletter

One Edition

Two Editions

Three Editions

Six Editions

Twelve Editions

Twenty-Four Editions

Rs. 1 lakh

Rs. 2 lakhs

Rs. 2.5 lakhs

Rs. 5 lakhs

Rs. 10 lakhs

Rs. 16 lakhs

Sponsorship Rates – SN Dialogues

One Episode
(Hosted on SN YouTube Channel)

Rs. 1 lakh

To sponsor Green Literature Festival, log on to – https://greenlitfest.com/sponsor/

For more details and for customizing plans please contact
benedict99@gmail.com / ganesh.keerthi@gmail.com