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SustainabilityNext (SN), started in March 2013, moved from being a PDF-based e-magazine to a web-based fortnightly from October 2017.

Purpose of SN
To educate and excite entrepreneurs, executives and graduate students about the immense business opportunity in the philosophy – Doing well by doing good.

To raise the level of conversion of organizations and individuals about Sustainability practices in India and the world.

India’s sustainability journey has to be different from that of the West and China. India has to quickly come up with its own innovative strategies that ensure that growth with justice, equity with least impact of the eco-system. This can happen with a focused movement which SustainabilityNext supports.


Prof. Jagdish N. Sheth

“I must tell you that your magazine SustainabilityNext is really good. I enjoyed ManagementNext, and this one too is really good. One of the roles of a good media is to educate and lead the audience instead of only responding.”

P.S.Narayan, Vice President and Head – Sustainability, Wipro Ltd.

Congratulations on the successful take-off of SustainabilityNext. I found the contents fresh and contextually interesting. Here’s wishing you and the magazine a fulfilling, long journey ahead.

Stuart Hart – Reputed Global Expert on Sustainability

Dear Benedict – The magazine looks great

Platform functions as a platform for exchange of ideas, drives collaborative thinking for solving problems of business and society.


Business leaders, entrepreneurs, executives and graduate students using e-mailer, social media, workshops and conclaves.

As of June 2017, average readership of 30,000 month on month.

Plans are on to raise the readership to 100,000 by December 2018 and to One million by December 2020. This is being done through collaborative networks.

Branding through Media Partnerships

SN is the preferred media partner for most of the national seminars, events and conference related to sustainability, smart city, green building, etc. It had partnered 8 such events in 2016 and about 10 in 2017.

It was a media partner for four global events in 2017.

Welcome To The NEW World Of Web magazine

Web magazines are replacing print and e-magazines as they are device agnostic. They are also mobile friendly.

Advantages Of Web magazine

  • Greater Reach
  • Environment friendly
  • Make ads interactive through links
  • Longer shelf life
  • Easier reference to archives

Rate Card (Effective from October 2017 to March 2018)
SustainabilityNext offers one of the most effective mediums for organizations that want to maximize their brand value from their good work in CSR and sustainability. Sustainability branding helps firms attract better and more engaged workforce.


One Year 24 issuesRs. 24 lakh
Six  Months 12 issuesRs. 15 lakh
Three Months 6 issuesRs. 9 lakh
Special Sector Focus Rs. 5 lakh

Banner Ad

Banner ad next to logo on portal for one month and on 2 issues of newsletterRs. 75,000
Bottom strip banner ad on portal for one month and on 2 issues of newsletterRs. 40,000
Box banner ads per monthRs. 25,000


One pageRs. 25,000
Two pagesRs. 40,000
Three pagesRs. 60,000
Four pagesRs. 75,000