Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest in supporting SustainabilityNext (SN).

Is SustainabilityNext a not-for-profit firm?

No. It is a for-profit private limited company. SN is owned by Rishabh Media Network, a firm registered in India.

What are your sources of funding?

Grant funding, corporate sponsorships and advertising.

Why do we require readers to contribute?

Our mission is to promote ‘Sustainability Thinking’ among entrepreneurs, executives and graduate students in India so that India emerges as a sustainable, inclusive and an innovative nation. This requires constant generation of rich, inspiring and solutions-driven content. Our goal is to reach this content to a million readers by 2023 and 5 million readers by 2025.

Your contribution will help us invest in talented content creators, wider distributors using state-of-the-art technology. It will help us organize several conversations and dialogues with the hope that sustainability drives impact in small, medium and large business organizations. We would like to build a ‘profit for good’ mindset instead of a business for profit mindset.

We started SN Youth in January 2022. We would like to drive ‘sustainability thinking’ among the youth as well through this section.

Tax exemption?

No. Since we are a for-profit company, you do not get a tax exemption. You do get a receipt confirming your payment.

What if I want to make a large contribution?

Click here to make a contribution of your choice.

How do we advertise or sponsor?

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