Why Sponsor

India is beginning to lead the sustainability revolution. It will need an army of well-informed, articulate, participative and motivated entrepreneurs, executives, policy makers, academia and consumers to create a definitive momentum. It needs all stakeholders to believe that sustainability has significant financial rewards in the medium to long run.

It is proven that businesses, brands and business leaders who want to be perceived as futuristic, environment-friendly and responsible to all stakeholders, command a premium in the market.

SN offers a vibrant platform for communicating these attributes. 

What’s in it for Corporate Sponsors?

  1. SN has a good mix of senior, mid-level and younger readership that is engaged with vital issues that are important to business, climate and society.
  2. It’s proven that organizations that are seen as supporting advocacy media enhances their social branding power. 
  3. The magazine offers premium space for sponsors’ leader commentary and articles
  4. Well-researched and written Advertorial offers opportunity for companies to broadcast their initiatives and their achievements more engagingly
  5. Sponsors can use SN as their partner for their messaging/campaigns 
  6. Apart from all collaterals in the website, sponsors get prominent space on newsletter that go out after each issue is posted.

Sponsorship Rates

Title Sponsor

One year                        Rs. 25 lakhs

Six months                     Rs. 15 lakhs

What the Sponsor Gets

  1. Six articles a year for full year sponsor and 3 article for six month sponsor
    It includes interview with the CEO/MD
    Two customized articles
  2. Banner on home page, newsletter and all platforms
  3. Free Subscription of the magazine to all the employees of the sponsor

Special Report on the Sponsors’ Business Area every Two Months

Deep incisive reports from analysts/leader interviews/articles by experts etc.

Key sponsor                   Rs. 5 lakhs

Supporting sponsors       Rs. 3 lakhs

Customized Branding

SN can customize series of articles, communications, videos, podcasts to suit a brands needs.

For more details and for customizing plans

please contact Benedict Paramanand –benedict@managementnext.com 9880602275