Youth EcoVoices


More and more young people are joining the fight to conserve the planet that holds their future. From awareness to action, their initiatives span a huge range. In an effort to bring these to wider knowledge, SN has launched an Youth Voices section for young people who are doing their bit for nature. So, if you have anything to ‘crow’ about, shout out… we’re all ears.

Please fill this up and share three pictures*

  1. About me (name, age, education)
  2. What are you doing now? (about your initiative)
  3. Why are you doing it?
  4. When did you begin?
  5. How did you begin?
  6. What has been the impact so far?
  7. Where can one know more about your work?
  8. List 5 of your favourite books on environment that influenced you?
  9. What are our future plans?

*One of yours (preferably in action, not passport picture) and two of your work in the field to