Alt Carbon to Help Farmers’ Improve Productivity

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Shrey Agarwal, a 23-year-old Chemistry graduate from BITS Pilani, wants to permanently remove five million tons of CO2 durably and securely by 2030. His pioneering silicate weathering technique promises to propel the world towards achieving net-zero emissions by 2035.

He founded Alt Carbon which raised $ 550K pre-seed round recently. Led by Shastra VC, strategic angels who participated include Awais Ahmed from Pixxel, Anirudh Singla from Pepper Content, Utsav Somani from AngelList.

Shrey Agarwal, Founder Alt Carbon

The firm’s engineered process of accelerated silicate weathering not only creates high-quality carbon removal credits but also empowers farmers by providing them with amplified yields and increased income. Operating from Darjeeling and Bengaluru, he plans to collaborate closely with diverse agricultural communities and leading scientists to achieve his mission.

Since securing funding and incorporating just six months ago, Alt Carbon has initiated a pilot program to remove carbon from the air permanently and securely. “There is no Plan B,” Shrey Agarwal said adding, “We must leverage technology, market solutions, and India’s indigenous geographic and climatic advantages, as we plan for a Green Transition. To meet the 1.5 °C benchmark, a number of innovative climate action companies like ours must flourish in India.”

Silicate Weathering

Alt Carbon’s process of accelerated silicate weathering combined with its proprietary MRV (measure, report and verify) process, he says, ensures traceable high-quality long-tenure carbon capture creating a high impact in reducing carbon footprint. “Globally, there is a massive shortage of high-quality credits which Shrey and his team are best positioned to leverage,” Ashis Nayak, Partner at Shastra VC said.

By supplying vital soil nutrients for free, Alt Carbon empowers farmers to enhance their crop growth, resulting in amplified yields and increased income. “It’s not only about environmental protection; it’s about uplifting farmers and ensuring a sustainable future.” Shrey said. 

Shrey was raised in Darjeeling amidst a struggling tea industry. He witnessed firsthand the impact of climate change on local businesses and livelihoods. This experience fueled his belief in the crucial role of farming in addressing climate change.

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