India Begins to Embrace Green Web Hosting

By J Shiruti


The Indian green web hosting market is growing rapidly as businesses and individuals look for ways to reduce their carbon footprint. A recent study by the Green Web Foundation said the Indian market is expected to grow by 20% annually over the next five years.

Did you know that every time you open your website your carbon footprint goes up by 10 gram? That an average website homepage consumes 0.5 gram of carbon with every opening? When the world’s businesses run on millions of websites, imagine the extent of carbon we emit.

The good news is that a slew of sustainable web hosting solutions is now in the market. There are several calculator tools that can tell how much each website emits. Green web hosting is now a reality.  

Green web hosting, a type of web hosting that relies on renewable energy sources to power websites, plays a crucial role in reducing carbon emissions traditionally associated with web hosting. A single web page can produce up to 10 grams of CO2 each time when it is accessed—a significant amount considering the scale of web usage globally.

Indian companies like HostPapa, GreenGeeks, and Kualo are key players in the green web hosting space. They are adopting various innovative methods to reduce their environmental impact, including harnessing renewable energy, implementing recycling initiatives, and optimizing their data centers for energy efficiency.

While green hosting is a significant step towards achieving a more sustainable digital world, it represents just one piece of the puzzle. Sustainable web design, a design approach rooted in the principles of the Sustainable Web Manifesto, is also essential.

Mastercourse on sustainable web design.

The manifesto advocates digital products and services that are clean, efficient, open, honest, regenerative, and resilient. A clean and efficient design minimizes data use, while open and honest services ensure accessibility and transparency. Regenerative and resilient designs, meanwhile, allow services to adapt and continue providing value even as conditions change.

Green Web Hosting in the US

To gain a deeper understanding of how green web hosting can transform digital sustainability, to the US market, where green web hosting companies have set inspiring trends.

DreamHost: DreamHost, a Los Angeles-based web hosting provider, has set a precedent with its comprehensive green policies. It has data centers designed for maximum energy efficiency and also purchases carbon offsets to neutralize its footprint. DreamHost uses advanced Outside Air-Cooling technology, which is known to reduce energy consumption of its data centers by nearly 70%.

A2 Hosting: Michigan-based A2 Hosting has partnered with since 2007 to purchase carbon offsets. Additionally, A2 Hosting’s data centers use energy-efficient hardware and are designed for optimal energy utilization, further decreasing their carbon emissions.

GreenGeeks: GreenGeeks, another US-based web hosting company, matches 300% of the electricity used by their servers in the form of RECs. This way, they ensure they are not just neutralizing their carbon footprint, but actively contributing to the production of renewable energy.


Sustainability Next’s Webpage

To illustrate the effectiveness of green hosting and sustainable web design, SustainabilityNext used Website Carbon Calculator and Digital Beacon. Sustainability Next’s home webpage was found to be cleaner than 65% of web pages tested. Moreover, according to Website Carbon Calculator every visit to this webpage produces only 0.31g of CO2, significantly less than the average digital carbon footprint that is 0.5g of CO2.


Top 10 Green web hosting platforms

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