Solar Power For Maharashtra


e-state government would try to bring the entire power supply feeder for agriculture on solar panels and would try to install energy efficient pumps for agriculture throughout the state. The initiative would bring down money required for cross subsidy for agriculture, resulting in to bringing down power tariff in the state.

Chief minister Devendra Fadnavis informed that Maharashtra has biggest burden for subsidising power for agricultural activity in the country. He informed that the power which costs Rs5 to 5.50 per unit is provided at just Re1 per unit for agriculture. “The burden of this is being passed on to industry and state government is trying to bring agricultural feeder on solar power so that in coming 15-20 years state can bring down the electricity charges for industry,” he said.

“As it is the state is spending huge money for providing power at cheaper rate for agriculture. If the amount is invested in solar energy this would result in saving this subsidy amount since agriculture would have separate feeders and it is technically possible and feasible,” said the official.

Since it is not possible to bring down cost of production for power through coal and since there is compulsion of 10 per cent solar power production as per international treaty to which India is signatory, the state would have to generate 10 per cent of non-conventional energy.

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