Communicating Climate Crisis Through a New Typeface

There’s a huge need for creative storytelling to influence behavioral change of consumers to address climate crisis. Recykal has come up with its unique initiative where every letter in the English alphabet encapsulates a specific facet of the interwoven set of difficulties surrounding plastic pollution.


On June 8, 2024, the World Ocean Day Recykal launched the ‘Samudra Mantha’ typeface to combat ocean-bound plastic pollution in a creative way.  The objective is that every curve, every letter stroke tells a story—a story of aquatic ecosystems ravaged by plastic debris, of carbon emissions choking our planet, and of marine life imperilled by habitat destruction.

Inspired by Samudra Manthan, one of the major Indian ancient episodes—the churning of the ocean for elixir or amrit—the Samudra Manthan Typeface serves as a modern-day allegory, symbolising the collective effort required to address the pressing issue of plastic pollution.

Recykal has so far collected over 70,000 metric tons of plastic from 207 districts across 19 states in India. Among these districts, 33 have coastal areas, and 173 are located on the banks of major rivers, covering a 10 km radius from ocean and river coasts. On National Pollution Control Day, Recykal revealed plans to scale up the ‘Samudra Manthan’ project to cover all 66 coastal districts across India.

Samudra Manthan Campaign Details

Samudra Manthan Typeface Download

Install the typeface on your device, then select the font and start using it in capital letters to spread awareness about ocean-bound plastic.

Revolutionary Features

  • Artistic Expression: Each letter is an artistic canvas, intricately designed to symbolise a specific facet of the plastic pollution narrative, engaging the audience in an immersive journey of discovery and contemplation.
  • Environmental Symbolism: By drawing inspiration from the depths of the ocean, the typography utilises symbolic motifs and rich environmental imagery to poignantly convey the story of oceanic distress due to human-induced pollution.
  • Accessible Empowerment: The typeface’s accessibility on the Recykal website invites all individuals, businesses, and organisations to seamlessly download and integrate it across digital interfaces, empowering them to become vocal advocates for sustainable practices.

Strategic Implementation

  • Interactive Storytelling: It aims to weave an engaging tapestry of environmental awareness through an innovative mix of interactive digital content, captivating social media campaigns, and immersive press releases, capturing attention and driving meaningful discourse.
  • Educational Engagements: Engaging workshops and thought-provoking webinars will invite stakeholders to delve into the deeper significance of the Samudra Manthan Typography, illuminating its pivotal role in fostering sustainable branding and nurturing environmental consciousness.
  • Collaborative Alliances: Strategic partnerships will harness the influence of environmental organisations, business entities, and visionary influencers, amplifying the campaign’s reach and catalysing a collective movement towards a greener, more sustainable future.

By making the typeface easily accessible, Recykal aims to democratise the power of visual storytelling, empowering a diverse range of stakeholders to join the movement and amplify the message of environmental stewardship.

Recykal is a cleantech startup headquartered in Hyderabad. It is a pioneer in the managed marketplace for circular economy in India. It operates in several categories offering circularity and sustainability solutions: plastic, paper, metal, e-waste, tire, and batteries. It is a technology-driven solution provider for the waste management ecosystem, forming a key link between producers, waste generators, facilitators, and the different stakeholders in the waste management industry in India.

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