SN is CII’s Media Partner for Global Conference on Waste to Worth 


The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) announces SustainabilityNext as its media partner for the 8th edition of the International Conference on Waste to Worth 2023.  on 30 November, in New Delhi.  The full-day conference will focus on sustainable waste management and circular economy.

This year’s conference theme, ‘Moving towards a Circular Economy through Innovative 3R Approaches’, highlights the importance of reducing, reusing, and recycling waste in the context of India’s environmental policies and practices. 

The conference is expected to draw significant attention from industry leaders, policymakers, environmental experts, and stakeholders in the waste management sector both from India and abroad.

The conference is particularly significant for India, which is grappling with the challenges of rapid urbanization and increasing waste production. By showcasing innovative solutions and facilitating partnerships, the conference aims to contribute to India’s journey towards a more sustainable and cleaner future.

As the media partner, SustainabilityNext (SN) brings its expertise in environmental reporting and advocacy to the conference. The magazine will provide extensive coverage, and insights, amplifying the conference’s impact and reach. SN is India’s most read ten-year old weekly e-magazine on the business of Sustainability. It is edited and published by Benedict Paramanand from Bengaluru.  

The conference will feature a range of sessions and discussions including:

  • CII 3R Awards.
  • Panels on innovative solutions for sustainable waste management in India.
  • Discussions on Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) in managing plastic waste and e-waste.
  • Debates on the role of Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) in the circular economy.
  • Strategies for improving circularity in solid waste management.

Click here to download the program flow.

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