Sustainability Museum in Chennai


Energy Alternatives India (EAI), a renewable energy research firm, has launched the country’s first sustainability museum in Chennai to create awareness among people about eco-friendly products and practices.

Suseum (sustainability museum) exhibits a range of eco-friendly products and processes, including compostable plastic cups, a vertical garden and advanced clean technologies such as flywheel energy storage and vertical-axis wind turbines. Visitors to Suseum can see, touch, and feel these products and technologies through various displays and exhibits. They can shop for eco-friendly products at the Suseum store, discover a wide range of providers for sustainable solutions and learn about the most exciting sustainability hotspots in Chennai.

“Our vision is to promote widespread and increased adoption of renewable energy and clean-tech in India. With this new initiative, we are proud to explain sustainability in new, interesting and practical ways,” said Narasimhan Santhanam, co-founder and director, EAI. “Visitors not only get to learn about sustainability but also get a hands-on-approach in practicing sustainable, eco-friendly activities,” he added.

EAI is a research and consulting firm for the renewable energy and clean technology industries, founded by IIT and IIM alumni. The organization works with businesses, industry stakeholders, and government bodies to accelerate adoption of clean technology in India.

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