21 Insect Cafés Soon in Bengaluru to Boost Biodiversity

EY GDS present at the launch of Insect cafes in Lalbagh Gardens

EY Global Delivery Services (GDS), in partnership with Bhumi and supported by Vibhinna India Foundation, is undertaking a project to construct 21 ‘Insect Cafés’ across Bengaluru’s major botanical gardens. The initiative is designed to provide safe havens for insects, crucial for pollination and maintaining ecological balance.

The project was launched with the installation of seven cafés at Doddasaagare Botanical Garden on March 22, followed by additional installations at Lalbagh Botanical Gardens on April 19. The final phase is set for June at Cubbon Park, where the remaining cafés will be established. These eco-friendly structures are crafted from upcycled materials such as wood, mud, and bamboo, providing vital nesting grounds for various insect species.

The project has seen significant volunteer engagement from EY GDS, with over 300 volunteers already contributing and an additional 150 expected to participate in the upcoming Cubbon Park event. The initiative not only aims to address the decline in insect populations caused by urban expansion and intensive agricultural practices but also supports local communities by sourcing materials from rural households and directly contributing to the income of women farmers involved in wood collection.

The initiative will be further supported by a research study conducted by entomologists and students from the College of Horticulture, Mysore, aimed at assessing the impact of the insect cafés on local insect populations. Results from the study are expected to be published within the next year.

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