World Bee Day – How Green Startups Are Creating a Buzz

About 80% of the world's flowering plant species rely on insect pollination, and bees play a crucial role in this process. Humanity's dependence on bees for food is extremely significant. Without bees, crops dependent on their pollination would vanish, leading to a decline in plant life and biodiversity.


On May 20 the World Bee Day, we commemorate the birth anniversary of Anton Janša, the pioneer of beekeeping. It is interesting to know that a few green startups are working in the sustainable beekeeping space. They extract raw and organic honey. Most branded honey have added sugar. These startups are supported by the Greenr Sustainability Accelerator Program by TechnoServe, to help them amplify their impact.

A world without bees is a precarious ecological balance hanging by a thread. The ramifications would be extensive, affecting crop yields, food accessibility, and the very core of agricultural practices. However, factors like pesticide overuse, insufficient financial support, market disorganization, and lack of technical knowledge have contributed to bee loss, triggering a chain reaction that disrupts dependent ecosystems.


Much like the pun, Beelicious offers a delicious range of flavored honey. From cinnamon to turmeric, ginger and more, they offer authentic, high-quality unifloral honey offerings. Their products claim to be not only pure, traceable, sustainable, and responsibly sourced but also have a social impact. Operating on the farm-to-fork model, their product range also includes spreads and throat soothers with real honey.


‘We’re HoneyVeda, and we don’t produce honey’, goes a line on the brand’s website. With sustainable beekeeping practices, HoneyVeda promises to offer pure, raw honey without processing and additives and recognizes the crucial role bees play in our ecosystem and food security. They partner with local farmers and tribes across six Indian states to harvest a variety of floral honey, from Ajwain to Lychee, all through their #BeehiveToBottle journey.

The brand also addresses the critical issue of declining bee populations. Recognizing the vital role bees play in balancing ecosystems and ensuring food security, they emphasize the importance of beekeeping for additional livelihoods and medicinal honey production.

Another interesting offering provided by the brand includes offering ‘Pollination as a Service’ (PaaS). They offer transparency and authenticity when they work with SOP-based system with more than 5000 beehives.

Beeready Harvesters

Situated in the picturesque city of Dehradun, Beeready Harvesters offer a diverse range of bee-related products and services. From natural honey and beeswax utilized in cosmetics to protein-rich pollen packed with essential nutrients like vitamins B, C, D, E, and K, as well as provitamin A, their offerings encompass a wide array of bee-derived goods.

It also provides various bee-related by-products such as beeswax candles, and bee pollen, along with essential beekeeping tools and equipment.

Beyond their product line, they extend their expertise through services like apiculture consulting, pollination services, on-site visits, comprehensive training programs, and white-labeling solutions.

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