IIT Kanpur Introduces eMasters in Sustainable Construction

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IIT Kanpur has announced the introduction of a new eMasters program in Sustainable Construction Practices and Project Management. Aimed at equipping professionals with advanced skills in sustainable construction, the course is designed to address the urgent need for environmental management and sustainable practices in the construction industry, which is a significant contributor to global energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

The construction sector, responsible for 36% of global energy use and 40% of CO2 emissions, is under increasing pressure to adopt sustainable practices. In response, the Indian government has been incentivizing the construction of green-rated buildings, with India now ranking third globally in LEED-certified buildings. Over the past five years, there has been a 37% increase in green-certified constructions in India, highlighting a growing commitment to sustainable development.

The new cohort of the eMasters program, which is accepting applications for the July 2024 batch, covers a comprehensive curriculum. This includes environmental management, legal frameworks, green building materials, energy-efficient design, renewable energy, as well as project planning, budgeting, risk management, and more.

Prof. Priyanka Ghosh, Head of the Department of Civil Engineering at IIT Kanpur

Prof. Priyanka Ghosh, Head of the Department of Civil Engineering at IIT Kanpur, emphasized the program’s relevance, stating, “With our commitment to innovation and environmental stewardship, this eMasters course caters to a future-ready industry and will educate the next generation of construction professionals to lead the way in sustainable building practices.”

The program is tailored for working professionals, offering flexibility with a completion timeframe of 1 to 3 years. It does not require a GATE score for admission, thus broadening its accessibility. The curriculum, delivered by IIT Kanpur’s faculty and industry experts, includes 60 credits spread across 12 modules and features weekend-only live interactive classes alongside self-paced learning opportunities.

Students enrolled in the program will also benefit from access to IIT Kanpur’s placement and incubation cells and its extensive alumni network, enhancing their career advancement opportunities and networking experiences. Additionally, participants will have the opportunity to visit the IIT Kanpur campus for direct engagement with peers and faculty.

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