Coca-Cola Europe Nears 2020 Sustainability Target


Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE), which covers bottling, distribution and marketing in eight countries and territories in Western Europe, issued its Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability Report 2015-2016, announcing substantive cuts in packaging and water use as well as a 40 % reduction in the company’s carbon footprint. The report also noted CCE’s steady progress towards its 2020 targets.

In the report, CCE said it reduced its water use ratio to 1.35 per litre of product, down 17 % since 2007 and that it continues to develop pathways for compliance tothe company’s Sustainable Agriculture Guiding Principles for its key agricultural ingredients.

“It is clear that sustainability is not something which can be seen as separate to business strategy, or as optional,” said John Brock, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Coca-Cola Enterprises. “We must continue making long-term sustainable decisions, which support wider society and the environment in partnership with our customers, our employees and our shareowners.”

By 2020, CCE plans to reduce the carbon footprint in its core business operations by 50 %; ensure that 40% of the PET it uses is recycled and/or from renewable materials; and source 40% of its energy from renewable or low-carbon sources.

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