Create a Happy Street!

Realize that what the world needs today are small acts of kindness, gratitude and optimism, not some fantasy about returning to the lost Garden of Eden

Can we adopt our streets and create a happy community? Start by loving the broom, implement of cleaning

‘A broomi puja’ or worship of the broom is a good idea. In Telengana, brooms are bought on Fridays, the day dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi. In many parts of India, the broom as an implement of cleanliness is worshipped during Dhan Teras. India, incidentally, has over 100 varieties of brooms.
To know more about the happy street look at one on This will give you an idea on what to do for your own street today. Remember social capital is far more important than your bank account.
Let’s stop talking and start sweeping changes on our own street! I am happy to introduce an innovative method to keep our streets clean and green to create a model world class city or town. The idea is for each individual to adopt his own street and create a happy community. The four pillars of the happy community are as follows:

*Economic Growth and Development, * Preserving and promoting cultural heritage *Encouraging sustainable use of environment, * Establishing good governance.

Let us adopt our own street with five members on a committee
1. To adopt cleaning, greening and composting bio-degradable waste as a regular practice ( compost-bin/)                                                                                                                                              2. To build close bonds between neighbors and to mentor and teach young people special skills: sports, art, dance, music and storytelling.
3. To help economic development of disadvantaged domestic helpers, working on the street.
4. To build close relationship with officials of public utilities and government to ensure that problems on the street are solved fast.
5. A Chairperson to provide co-ordination and leadership

Once you begin to practice the principles of happiness in your own lives, your happiness will be infectious. Make many friends who can get together to laugh, work, read and share. Stop talking, start planting, each tree is an oxygen producing machine. A forest is an oxygen producing factory. Plant more trees, clean up the roads, start walking and
playing together with your kids. Share knowledge, beauty and wisdom. Create your own village which is needed to raise a child in your little corner of the city, town or village.

Everything will be bright and blooming. You can create your own Shangri-La in the world (http:// For Shangri-La, is not a really a place. It is within everyone’s own heart. The dream city is only a reflection of our own peaceful, happy hearts.

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