Hexpressions and Bare Necessities Win 2023 Green Entrepreneurship Awards

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Adelphi, in partnership with the IKEA Foundation, announced the winners of the prestigious Green Entrepreneurship Awards 2023. The awards, a vital component of Adelphi’s Green Entrepreneurship program, aims to recognize and honor outstanding individuals and organizations that have demonstrated remarkable commitment and innovation in implementing circular economy practices.

This circular approach to business fosters a sustainable and environmentally conscious economy by minimizing waste, enhancing resource efficiency, and promoting the regeneration and reutilization of materials.

Reen Moringa Gold: Hibiscus Chai

The Green Entrepreneurship Awards serve as a flagship event, particularly focused on identifying and celebrating promising circular enterprises operating at a local level in Kenya and India.

Hexpressions is revolutionizing sustainable housing. Founder Abhimanyu Singh leads Hexpressions, a ground-breaking construction company that offers affordable and sustainable homes to underserved communities. Their innovative composite paper honeycomb panels prioritize environmental and societal concerns, empowering individuals, reducing carbon footprints, and providing permanent shelter and skill development opportunities.

Bare Necessities Zero Waste Solutions is a pioneering Zero-Waste Lifestyle Products entity. Founded by Sahar Mansoor, Bare Necessities Zero Waste Solutions is on a mission to offer zero-waste alternatives to conventional personal, lifestyle, and home care products. The female-led manufacturing team handcrafts PETA-certified products using ethically sourced ingredients, revolutionizing the fast-moving consumer goods industry and significantly reducing carbon footprints.

Bare Necessities
Employees of Bare Necessities Zero Waste Solutions

Sahar Mansoor, the founder of Bare Necessities Zero Waste Solutions, expressed her excitement and gratitude upon receiving the award. She highlighted their commitment to offering zero-waste alternatives and revolutionizing the FMCG industry through their innovative waterless formats. The recognition reaffirms their dedication to making sustainable living accessible to all.

The winners of the Green Entrepreneurship Awards under the Circular Economy category will receive one-year Accelerator support and a matching grant of up to 15,000 Euro to aid them in scaling their initiatives. Additionally, 10 runners-up from India and Kenya will be awarded six-month Catalyser business development support and a matching grant of up to 5,000 Euro to help them grow and expand their circular economy initiatives.

The Green Entrepreneurship Awards 2023 represent a significant step forward in promoting circular economy practices and encouraging more individuals and organizations to adopt sustainable and environmentally friendly strategies. By recognizing and supporting these innovative enterprises, Adelphi and the IKEA Foundation aim to accelerate the transition towards a circular economy, where resources are optimized, waste is minimized, and sustainable practices are embraced, ultimately contributing to a greener and more sustainable future for all.

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