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India gets more than sufficient rains yet people in most of its cities face acute drinking water shortage. People in cities and towns suffer because of gross mismanagement of drinking water supply. When they get water, it has to be treated before drinking. While people drink water from taps in the West, Indians have to spend in getting the water purified. The rich even waste water when they use RO machines.

Anil Gajera had made it his life mission to offer affordable water purification and treatment solutions. Launched in 2010, his Ahmedabad based firm ORG Engitech Limited has launched several revolutionary water treatment products. He is working on several more while awaiting patent for two products.

In a free-wheeling conversation with SustainabilityNext, he lamented at Indians’ lax attitude to water waste and wants state and local governments to install water meters in every home. Edited experpts:

Our mission is to provide affordable, low-maintenance, and user-friendly water treatment products. We have been innovative at every step of the water-treatment industry.

We have developed the world’s first openable refillable filter housing, potentially saving up to 150 lakh kgs of plastic waste in India annually. We try to blend blending innovation, affordability, and sustainability in whatever we do.

ORG water filter
ORG todi water purifier with digital TDS settings

I have a diverse background in civil and mechanical engineering, environmental engineering, and organizational management. I began my journey in the water treatment industry with Vasu Marketing in 2006. We installed water purifiers and provided after-sales service, experiences that inspired me to design water treatment products uniquely suited to Indian consumers’ needs. My next move to launch ORG Engitech where we patented products like the ORG Todi, automated Water Softeners, DM plants, and more.

In 2011, we revolutionized the water treatment industry by automating water softening treatment, which was conventionally done until 2008. Gajera emphasized the role of technological advancements in refining the industry’s processes.

ORG Engitech has also made many strides toward reducing plastic waste. The company recently introduced a water filter that doesn’t require an outer plastic cover, enabling customers to utilize their existing filters while changing only the internal parts biannually. This simple change can significantly reduce plastic waste, by as much as 250 million units per filter change.

We have two patented innovations in the Indian water treatment industry, with another four under process, and 15 self-designed machines. This commitment to continuous improvement and innovation shows ORG Engitech’s dedication to providing state-of-the-art solutions for the water treatment industry.

Know Your True Cost of Water

India faces a significant challenge of raising consumer awareness of the true cost of water. Water usage monitoring is crucial to understand the population’s water usage patterns. High-tech-induced water usage monitors are required for businesses to develop sustainable, data-driven alternatives.

I advocate maximizing the reuse of treatable water. Water drained from filters is highly treatable and can be reused for toilet purposes, washing clothes, and cleaning houses. This practice can have a significant, positive impact on the way we consume water.

List of innovative products by ORG Engitech

1.BFT technology in Automatic water softener
BFT, or Before the Tank, technology is a feature of some automatic water softeners that allows them to regenerate more efficiently. With BFT, the water softener regenerates the resin bed before it runs out of soft water, which prevents the water from becoming hard again. This means that the water softener can provide soft water for a longer period of time before it needs to be regenerated.
2.Ionpot – Alkaline water from ordinary “Claypot”
ORG IONPOT – The ORG “IONPOT” Converts your normal water from your existing pot (Matka) to Alkaline Ionized water. The ORG “IONPOT” is a very simple device which can be fixed on top of your existing pot (Matka) cap. This product converts your normal water from your existing pot (Matka) to Alkaline Ionized water. The ORG “IONPOT” is a very simple device which can be fixed on top of your existing pot (Matka) cap.
3.TODI water purifier where consumer can set TDS digitally
The ORG TODI TDS on Demand with Indicator is a water purifier that uses a combination of reverse osmosis (RO), ultrafiltration (UF), and ultraviolet (UV) filtration to remove impurities from water. It allows you to set the TDS level of the purified water digitally. This means that you can choose the exact amount of minerals that you want in your water. This is a great feature for people who have specific preferences for the taste of their water.
4.Digital dosing tank for water treatment
The ORG Digital Dosing Tank is a water treatment system that uses a combination of electronic control and a highly accurate chemical feeding pump to precisely dose chemicals into a water stream. This can be used to treat water for a variety of purposes, such as water softening, PH adjustment and disinfection.
5.Openable Refillable filters for water purifier
ORG Openable Refillable filters are a type of water filter that can be opened and refilled with activated carbon or other media. This makes them a more sustainable option than disposable filters, as they can be used multiple times. They are cost-effective and easy to use.
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