The Entrepreneurial Non-Profit: The Key to Maintaining Sustainable Impact


By Dr. Ken Thiessen

Most non-profit executive leaders and board members hold firmly to the conviction they’re running an efficient, sustainable operation. Few of the organizations they lead engage in a disciplined process of strategic thinking and execution planning. Most of them resist employing best business practises because “we’re a nonprofit!” They do so at their own peril.

Weaving fable and theory, Dr. Ken Thiessen speaks to the heart of the issue facing most nonprofits today. Given the way in which the world is changing, the old way no longer works! Many nonprofit leaders lie awake at night wrestling with that realization but are too afraid to think entrepreneurially. Ultimately that’s the only way to avoid the tsunami about to hit your organization. It’s also the key to maximizing sustainable impact for the people you care most about! Building on the 4 Decisions Planning Model Ken illustrates how nonprofit organizations can employ best business practises without compromising their core values, core purpose and ultimately their mission and do so in a way that increases sustainability and enhances the organization’s ROI – Return on Impact.

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