Sustainable Champions


Sustainable Champions

How International Companies are Changing the Face of Business in China

by Fu Jia, Jonathan Gosling and Morgen Witzel, October 2015, Greenleaf Publishing

In the face of strong competitive pressure and a dynamic market, multinational companies in China are forced to innovate with extraordinary pace and inventiveness. Environmental sustainability is a vital benchmark, and is a key driver for the best companies in each sector – many of them allied with the WWF Climate Savers programme.


Sustainable Champions shows how nine leading multinational companies – including Nestlé, HP, Tetra Pak and Sony – are dealing with environmental, supply chain and ethical challenges in China. The book illuminates some of their transformative practices, and the impact this is having on business in China and beyond. The concluding cross-case analysis of supply chain and environmental challenges faced by leading international firms presents key lessons for business and for sustainability champions.


Sustainable Champions: How International Companies are Changing the Face of Business in China is essential reading for researchers and course leaders seeking on-the-ground examples of local environmental challenges, and any company doing business in one of the world’s fastest-growing economies.

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