10 – Point Wish List For A Greener India in 2015


Start translating ‘Clean India’ campaign into concrete actions with quarterly goals
• Make sustainability reporting mandatory for all companies with more than Rs. 100 crore annual turnover. And voluntary reporting for all SMEs with incentives for compliance.

In the spirit of PM Narendra Modi’s ‘Trust Your Citizens’, make the disclosure self attested – similar to 2 percent CSR initiative and list reasons as to why it could not be achieved

• Align Smart City plans with higher green cover and waste management. Smart is not just about technology

• Set cleaner air quality targets for all cities and towns. For example – move Delhi from hazardous to healthy category in one year

• Make disposal of industrial and municipal waste into rivers and lakes a non-bailable offense with stringent punishment by fast track Green courts

• Initiate the dialogue from ‘Economic growth is not possible without negative impact on ecology’ to ‘Enhance quality of ecology along with economic growth.’ There are models of excellence in India that show this is possible

• Switch 10% of irrigation pumps from diesel to solar in 2015

• Encourage setting up of polytechnics for green skills in a big way

• Major encouragement for use of technologies for cutting wastage of agri, vegetable and fruits by 25% by end of 2015

• A massive program for revival of lakes and ponds which will result in improving
water table and improve diversity

• Massive incentives and campaign for green and affordable homes

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