Blue Energy Motors Does the Work of 100,000 Trees in 3 Years

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Blue Energy Motors, a pioneer in green truck manufacturing, said its fleet of trucks has successfully prevented over 2,500 tonnes of CO2 emissions since its inception in 2020. This amounts to approximate 30% reduction of emissions from the air, an accomplishment that symbolizes a tangible contribution towards a cleaner environment, reduced carbon footprint, and a sustainable future. 

Blue Energy Motors is disrupting the heavy-duty trucking industry by creating a clean alternative to decarbonize the environment by integrating next-generation truck technology, LNG fuelling infrastructure and maintenance. By creating this ecosystem, Blue Energy Motors, and its strategic business partners and suppliers, are ushering in a green trucking revolution.

 In India, the logistics sector is the third most CO2 emitting sector, with about 14% share of emissions. Within logistics, heavy trucking contributes to 45% of total CO2 emissions. To address this challenge, zero-emission trucks (LNG or battery-operated) have the potential to cut down at least 2.8-3.8 gigatons of COemissions between present to 2050. Aligned with this idea, Blue Energy Motors’ commitment to decarbonisation has created a significant impact, equivalent to the positive environmental impact of CO2 absorption by 100,000 trees in one year.

The emission reduction statistics of LNG trucks highlight their environmental impact, with a notable 30% decrease in CO2 emissions compared to diesel counterparts. Additionally, these trucks contribute to a cleaner atmosphere by reducing noise pollution by up to 30%, Carbon Monoxide by up to 70%, Sulphur Oxide by up to 100%, Nitrogen Oxide by up to 59%, and Particulate Matter by up to 98%. A single LNG truck, covering an average distance of 80,000 km in a year, can significantly cut down emissions, showcasing the tangible benefits of this green transportation solution.

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