Digging Deeper : How Purpose-Driven Enterprises Create Reale Value


“Digging Deeper will challenge your assumptions, lift your spirits, and leave you wondering why purpose-driven enterprises are not the subject of greater praise and emulation . . . Any scholarly book can be judged by the extent to which it elicits more ideas, conjecture, and debates than it puts to rest. I am happy to report that based on this criteria, Digging Deeper is an outstanding book!”

Michael V. Russo, Professor of Sustainble Management, University of Oregon

The book full of inspiring stories that illustrate that there is an alternative to a myopic and narrow capitalism that trades in inequalities, exploitation, collective burnout and negative consequences for our shared natural environment. Remarkable examples from all over the world vividly demonstrate how enterprises can create real value through focusing on what the authors call the 6 Ls: long-term orientation, lasting relationships, local roots, limits recognition, developing a learning community and taking leadership responsibility seriously in its very best sense.

Digging Deeper liberates the term “value” from the tight chains in which the global financial community has bound it and demonstrates that businesses can contribute to a better life for all – if their leaders can go beyond viewing enterprises as single-purpose money-making machines and develop purpose-driven enterprises that create real value for all.

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