Hydropower Can Provide Sustainable Energy Security to India











According to a recent report by PwC,  hydropower development in India can play a crucial role in the country’s sustainable energy security if sites for new installed capacity — among other things — are accessible, stable and affordable.

The report titled ‘Hydropower@Crossroads,’ indicates that nearly 75% of India’s total potential is concentrated in the north and northeast. But, only about 7% of potential has been tapped. Major hindrances to development include technical issues, land acquisition, infrastructure and financing.

The report also said that in order to successfully increase project development, the government needs to streamline licensing processes, create a sustainable business environment through fiscal incentives, develop new financing avenues and enable states to build supporting infrastructure.

The 2016 National Tariff Policy

  • Underlines the norms for ancillary services;
  • Authorizes CERC to introduce norms and framework for ancillary services necessary to support grid operation, including the method of how to share operational costs; and
  • Provides exemption from competitive bidding until 2022.

Link to the report – http://www.pwc.in/publications/2016/hydropower-at-crossroads-pwc-assocham-report.html


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