Lithium Clocks 10 million Green Kilometers

lithium car

Lithium Urban Technologies, founded in 2015 by Sanjay Krishnan and Ashwin Mahesh in Bangalore, have been able to add 10+ equivalent Cubbon Parks to Bangalore (200 Tonnes = 1 park). The all-electric cab service to businesses clocked total mileage of more than 10 million kilometers by mid 2017 and prevented release of  20,400,00,000 grams of carbon-di-oxide.

Lithium is India’s first all-electric solution in the B2B segment. The company recently expanded operations to Delhi, which needs the most, being called out as one of the most polluted cities.

The fleet size is 400+ EVS part of the fleet and currently in Bangalore and Delhi NCR with a tie-up with ten corporate. Lithium has helped establish the fact that electric vehicles are the future of urban mobility in Indian cities and a viable solution for reducing pollution levels.

“There is a great demand to alter the environment we live in and it is not only the Government but the corporates too who are making a big effort to change the state we live in. The need to adopt greener ways has made corporates realise that following the EV way would make that change and thus create a larger impact in the environment,” Praveen Salins senior executive at the company told SustainabilityNext.

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