Ola’s Future Factory to be Carbon Negative


Ola is planning to set up the ‘World’s Most Sustainable electric two-wheeler factory’ at Krishnagiri in Tamil Nadu, about 100 kilometres from Bangalore. Bhavish Aggarwal, founder of Ola, recently shared the vision of Ola Future Factory. 

He said the factory would be the most advanced two-wheeler making facility in the world. Because of the 100 acres of forest, in the 500-acre facility, and two acres of forest inside the plant, it is planned to have carbon negative impact making it perhaps the most most sustainable factory in the world.

Carbon negative means that a company not only offsets greenhouse gas emission but also exports its carbon credit in multiple ways including uploading its excess renewable energy to the public grid.  

Most responsible companies are announcing their pledge to become carbon neutral and set a timeline. In India, only Infosys turned carbon neutral late 2020. Microsoft and IKEA have announced that they expect to turn carbon negative by 2030. 


  • 100 acres of forest cover
  • Negative carbon footprint
  • 2 acres of forest inside the plant
  • 3000 AI-driven robots
  • 10 million two-wheeler a year
  • One scooter will be made every two seconds

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