Practical Guide to Energy Conservation & Management

Notion Press


Practical Guide to Energy Conservation & Management propels you to pluck the low hanging fruits of energy conservation in your industry. Until now, though the fruits are visible to you, you thought that they are beyond your hands’ reach. Having done Energy Audits in more than four hundreds of industries with the BEE certification and guidance from their Guide Books, I suggest to the Field Engineers that there is plenty of scope for Energy Conservation by the condition-monitoring approach in your utility and production departments. This book will be an eye-opener for you, to instantly reduce the energy losses happening for many years and in turn, this will restore your productivity, thus giving you a pleasant surprise.

The three stages of accepting results of the Energy Study – Shock, Relief and, finally, Delight! When you have implemented energy conservation, first you will be shocked to discover the amount of energy losses overall these years. Today you feel a relief that you have reduced those losses. Tomorrow will be a delight to your team to visualize the reduction in energy consumption. This book will guide you to achieve energy conservation easily, instantly, smoothly and cost-effectively.

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