To Re-imagine Healthcare Think Outside the Hospital


Why is the healthcare system broken in almost every part of the world? Why pumping in more money or resources into the system doesn’t seem to solve the problem? Are we looking for the solutions in the wrong place? Is there a new way to address the challenges?

Dr Ashwin Naik, author of the book The Healthcare Gamechangers: 12 Innovators Around the World Reimagining Healthcare shares his perspective of what we can do differently to address the gaps in today’s healthcare system. He argues that to re-imagine healthcare, we have to start by ‘thinking outside the hospitals’.

Dr. Ashwin Naik is a healthcare entrepreneur and founder of Vaastalya, India’s first hospital network in small towns. Ashwin is an Ashoka Fellow, TED Fellow and a Young Global Leader (WEF)

Through an in-depth study of healthcare entrepreneurs from around the world, he gleans some key principles for the future of healthcare. In these pages you’ll discover:

  • What does the world of healthcare look like when we ‘think outside the hospitals’?
  • Who are the innovators around the world who are reimagining healthcare and how are they doing it?
  • What can we learn from each of the innovators and how is it relevant to our own life and health?

Sick care to healthcare

The book is a commentary on the imperative of how to transform global healthcare from ‘sick care’ to true healthcare. Through 12 innovators’ work, Dr. Naik shows that it is possible to achieve total healthcare.

The foreword writer Stephen M Sammut, Senior Fellow, Healthcare Management, Wharton School, believe Dr. Naik is modest not to include his own innovation of providing best of class healthcare services at affordable prices in smaller towns in India. A model that can be replicated worldwide. The book does not focus on healthcare but how it is possible to achieve a lot if the focus is shifted to wellness.

Dr. Naik shows how modest shift in thinking can produce dramatic shifts in care and improvement in health.

The 12 Innovators Featured Are

Dr. Rushika Fernandopulle – Iora Health, USA
Jop De Blok – The Netherlands
Suresh Kumar – Neighborhood Network for Palliative Care, India
Edith Eliott – Noora Health, India
Mark Swift – Wellbeing Enterprises, UK
Dr. Vera Corderio – Saude Crianca, Brazil
Takashi Kawazoe – CarePro Japan
Nalini  Saligram – Aroyga World, India
Morgan Guerra – Previta Mexico
Joost Van Engen – Health Entrepreneurs, The Netherlands
Carlos Miguel Atencio – Medicina Familiar, Venezuela
Frank Hofmann – Discovering Hands, Germany

Four principles of the new world that tie all of them together:

  • They are expanding the playground by playing outside the hospitals
  • Invite new players to come in
  • Everybody plays in the organizations – not just doctors, but also nurses, caregivers, pharmacists
  • Healthcare entrepreneurs think of themselves as in the business of changing behaviors.

The book profiles companies and entrepreneurs around the world that are building new types of healthcare organizations.

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