Big Need for NGOs to Collaborate – Madan Padaki


Avengers Endgame, the blockbuster movie that has broken all records, has a lesson for Indian NGOs. In the movie all the superheroes come together to destroy the evil force. Why can’t Indian NGOs come together to address social issues collaboratively?

India has 3.1 million NGOs yet India is lagging behind in most indicators such HDI (human development index), index that indicate progress, or lack of it, in primary education, gender diversity, malnutrition, among others.

SociallyGood can help in this collaboration in a big way. NGOs need to develop unique competencies that could make them better suited for collaboration rather than try to reinvent the wheel or duplicate ideas and projects.

One of the big mindset changes NGOs need to make is that their approach should be cause-driven rather than organization driven if they wish to make a meaningful and bigger impact.  

Here’s a formula that might help enhance collaboration, efficiency and hence impact – AEIOU.

A – Alignment – social and cultural

E – Ego issues hurting NGOs. Move from egos to equals

I – Intent of work – Alignment has to translate to intent

O – One step at a time together rather than getting caught in complexity

U – Understanding and trust

If 3.1 million NGOs collaborate, we can do magic.

For the social sector to flourish peoples’ participation should be as easy as booking Uber cab or purchasing a book on Amazon. It’s essentially simplifying sharing and giving through technology.

And it’s high time to apply consumer experience paradigm that ecommerce portals use to the social sector.

Madan Padaki is a serial social entrepreneur, a speaker, thought leader in the skills space. His projects involve transforming rural youth to become entrepreneurs.

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  1. You rightly spotted the need. It is about time that collaboration and alignment towards pursued objective finds mention in their strategic objectives. In the world which is increasingly being defined by sharing resources, NGOs will do world of good to themselves and be effective in what they do!!


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