Green Software Foundation Turns Three


The Green Software Foundation (GSF) turned three on 28 May 2024. GSF was started to positively exploit the power of collaboration in tackling climate change. Its ambitious goal is to create a future where software has zero harmful environmental effect. The good news is, regulations are now placing greater demand on companies to assess and report the greenness of their IT.

Sanjay Podder, Chairman, Co-Founder @ Green Software Foundation | Managing Director @ Accenture

GSF has had a noticeable impact so far. Its Impact Framework, an open-source tool for transparent impact reporting and accountability, has been accepted well by the industry. The SCI Specification has become an ISO Standard.

GSF is led by Sanjay Podder, Chris Lloyd-Jones, and Asim Hussain. It is governed by Accenture, Avanade, BCG X, GitHub, Intel Corporation, Microsoft, NTT DATA, Siemens, and UBS.

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