2016 Top Fuel Efficient Cars


The US Environment Protection Agency (EPA) released a ranking of the most fuel-efficient cars in 2016 based on miles per gallon of petrol/diesel). Vehicles with the highest combined fuel economies by category included the following:

  • Two-seaters: Smart for two electric drive convertible/coupe (107 mpg)
  • Minicompacts: Fiat 500e (112 mpg)
  • Subcompacts: BMW i3 BEV (124 mpg)
  • Compacts: Volkswagen e-Golf (116 mpg)
  • Midsize: Nissan Leaf (114 mpg)
  • Large: Tesla Model S AWD – 60D (104 mpg)
  • Small Station Wagons: Kia Soul Electric (105 mpg)
  • Midsize Station Wagons: Toyota Prius v (42 mpg)
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