Big Bang Solution For Water Crisis?


Water Imploder Increases Crop Yield by up to 40%

In a recent video Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev said he was planning to introduce the water imploding machines to Tamil Nadu to improve crop yield. He said he was talking to the machine maker in the UK.

Research showed that this technology has been around since 2010 and is increasingly being used in
more than 20 countries. A recent study in Australia showed 35-40% increase in yield
in some crops.

Water Imploder now appears common and with its affordable price tag, the question is why it hasn’t caught on in India, especially in the drought prone areas.

The listed cost of Water Imploder Commercial Reorganization Machine is $1499 while that of Water Imploder Under Sink Reorganization Machine is $349. For home use, there are many do-it-yourself models.

The Water Imploder has domestic uses too. Water can be used in gardens and also consumed. (someone said it tastes like spring water).

How It Works

Today, according to, water is forced though pipes for at least several hundred feet (often tens of thousands of feet), stagnates in storage and detention tanks, or percolates slowly through uncharged aquifers. The forces generated by these processes cause water molecules to conglomerate and become macro clustered (image). Macro clusters are often larger than 20 molecules in size and in a very low energy state. These large clusters of molecules are very inefficient at penetrating the cell walls of living organisms and pass on little energetic charge. This is the reason that most water only hydrates the body and plants at ~15% efficiency.

Energized, organized water is capable of hydrating living cells at 85% efficiency. The implications of this fact are immense. Imagine organisms requiring less water, becoming fully hydrated, operating in a high energetic state, and at maximum efficiency. This is the reality created by the optimized physical forces at work inside of the Water Imploder. There is no electricity, no filter media to replace, and it requires no power or maintenance, ever. The effect it creates is immediate, palpable, and undeniable.

Super Imploder

Dan Winter says he’s the inventor of the Super Imploder ( but has not filed for any patent. He told SN through email “I am the inventor and owner (although not patented the property registration rights- for injection molding etc- are all registered to me.”  This technology has been improving each year but first came into being three-four years ago.

The Superimploder makers claim that it is “the world’s most powerful and most proven magnetic and vortex water treatment for agriculture and for growth.

Its solubility hydration effect has the following benefits – in agriculture growth benefits often range between 15 and 40% and more. And with certain crops – including hydroponics, hemp, and sprouting the growth increase is often even greater. Significantly less water is needed with ‘wetter water’ – 30% saving in amount of water needed for irrigation.”

Fractal Water Super Imploder installed in an NFT Greenhouse. Source:



Uses of Water Imploder

  • Lowers surface tension allowing up to 400% increase in absorbability by the body and plants.
  • Increases plant yields up to 40% while using significantly less water.
  • Enhances vitamin, mineral, & nutrient absorption.
  • Sorts toxins shifting them to a state where they are less readily absorbed.
  • Aerates water increasing free oxygen and inactivating many harmful bacteria.
  • Uses a mechanical process requiring no power or maintenance
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