BIONOVA Launches a Journal on Eco+urbanism & Neuroarchitecture at GLF 2023


BIONOVA, a pioneering firm based in Kerala, India, unveiled its latest contribution to the academic world at the Green Literature Festival 2023: The Journal of Eco+urbanism & Neuroarchitecture (JEN). This biannual, double-blind peer-reviewed international journal is set to revolutionize the way we approach sustainable urban planning and the application of neuroscience in the built environment.

JEN’s inception is a testament to BIONOVA’s dedication to transcending traditional boundaries of scientific research dissemination. The journal, blending the rigorous standards of scholarly work with the accessibility of a magazine, aims to bridge the gap between complex scientific knowledge and its comprehensibility for a broad audience.

One of the most notable aspects of JEN is its commitment to accessibility. The inherent jargon and exclusivity often associated with scientific literature can alienate those outside the academic sphere. By presenting complex research in a refined, approachable manner, JEN seeks to foster an informed society, bringing transformative change within our communities.

The impact of JEN is measured not just by academic citations but by its real-world applications. The journal’s focus is on the volume of collaborative endeavours between end-users and researchers, demonstrating a tangible translation of research into practical solutions for sustainable and regenerative cities.

Manuscripts submitted to JEN undergo a rigorous double-blind peer-review process, ensuring impartial and objective evaluation. The thematic content of the journal is carefully selected based on its relevance to public interest and societal well-being. This process, managed by an editorial team dedicated to enhancing the comprehensibility of complex research, ensures that the journal maintains a balance between scholarly rigour and public engagement.

Published biannually every September and March, JEN is not just an academic repository but a dynamic platform for the latest developments in ecological urbanism and neuroarchitecture. As an open-access journal, it provides unrestricted access to all its issues on the BIONOVA website, ensuring that valuable research and insights are accessible globally without financial barriers.

In addition to its online presence, JEN’s physical production and distribution are handled by Lorí Crízel + Partners, Brazil, under a licensing agreement, offering affordable print subscription options for readers who prefer a tangible copy.

The launch of The Journal of Eco+urbanism & Neuroarchitecture at the Green Literature Festival 2023 marks a significant step forward in the intersection of architecture, neuroscience, ecology, and urban planning. It stands as a beacon of interdisciplinary research and public engagement, paving the way for a more informed and transformative society.

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