Business Models for Sustainability


By Peter Wells
Edward Elgar Pub, 2013

With increasing awareness that innovative technology alone is insuf ficient to make sustainable lifestyles a reality, this book brings into sharp focus the need to cr eate radical new business models. This insightful book pr ovides a theoretically grounded but also realistic account of how the design of business models can be a critical component in the overall transition to sustainability, and one that transcends the usual focus on innovative technology. Weaving together key principles and components for business sust ainability, the book highlights five very dif ferent pathways to the future for sectors ranging from microbreweries and printing through to clothing, mobility and plastics. Business has only just started the first few tentative steps towar ds a very different approach to creating and sustaining value, but this book concludes that enormous opportunities will emerge alongside new ways of creating and capturing value.


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