Energy Production and Management in the 21st Century


By C. A. Brebbia, E. R. Magaril, M. Y. Khodorovsky WIT Press (23 March 2014)

Discussing the future of energy production and management in a changing world, this book contains the proceedings of the first international conference on Energy Production and Management in the 21st Century – The Quest for Sustainable Energy. Developed societies require an ever increasing amount of energy resources, which creates complex technological challenges. The idea is to compare conventional energy sources, particularly hydrocarbons, with a number of other ways of producing energy, emphasizing new technological developments. The challenge in many cases is the conversion of new sources of energy into useful forms, while finding efficient ways of storing and distributing energy. Energy policies and management are of primary importance to achieving sustainability, and need to be consistent with recent advances made in energy production and distribution.


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