Green Agrevolutions


Agrevolution’s business model is based on the gap between growers and consumers of food and agriculture sector. One side they provide support to growers during the production cycle and by doing so they also assure quality production as per the market/ buyers demand. On the other side, they supply quality products directly to the end users without any intermediaries.

Hence buyers get competitive price and high quality as well. Patna-based start-up Green Agrevolution Pvt. Ltd. wants to bridge the gap between farmers and institutional buyers of farm produce, to maximize benefi ts to the BoP (bottom of the pyramid) segment. The company was set up by three Indian Institute of Technology graduates—Shashank Kumar, Shyam Sundar Singh and Manish Kumar—in 2012 as a marketing arm of their existing start-up venture Farms and Farmers. “There is a link missing between these farmers and large buyers in Bihar and other states. We wanted to fi x this problem and make sure farmers’ produce reach the right people without shifting too many hands in the process,” said Singh. Green Agrevolution has an active network in Bihar, serving more than fi ve dehaats. (Each dehaat is a catchment area of 8km comprising 500-700 farmers and headed by a local entrepreneur, trained by the company

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