How Future Production Ready Is India?


The nature of production is undergoing unprecedented change as new technologies transform cost structures, make new business models and methods of production available, and bring entirely new products and services to market. Building on its competence in global benchmarking, notably in competitiveness, human capital, trade facilitation and digital readiness, the World Economic Forum in collaboration with A.T. Kearney have developed a proposal for a new benchmarking framework to help countries assess the extent to which are they are “ready” or well positioned to shape and benefit from the changing nature of production. It aims to bring new perspectives and generate responsive and responsible choices.

This tool is designed to help decision-makers identify priorities for national policy development and public-private cooperation, and to track progress and monitor results by means of a proposed methodology. The framework will be finalized and a cross-country database established in the course of 2017, with a first version to be presented at the Forum’s Annual Meeting of the New Champions in June 2017.

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